Dad’s Run (Walk) – the race is on!

After having my youngest girl in 2015 and thanks to some very unflattering pictures of me as a bridesmaid – I started running much to my own amazement.

I’ve always hated running and found getting to the top of the stairs required way more energy than I would like to expend. However in 2017, I worked hard and managed to complete my frst 10K.

Little did I know at the time that running would come to mean so much to me. Time to think and clear my head and find the confidence I had forgotten I had.

Never to be outdone and just as the dementia was starting to really take a hold my Dad decided he wanted to run a 5K charity race. No training and a little heavier in weight than perhaps he would have been before Dad and me entered in the 5K run through Ashdown Forest.

Nervous and worried as he was not fit enough at this point we took it on. Very slowly and with the grit and determination my dad had always shown we reached the end. Last and double the time of everyone else but it didn’t matter. Dad didn’t know the difference to be honest, to him he still “had it and he could still beat his daughter” and he was very happy with his medal. I was so proud of him that day!

If you would like to support the campaigning work I am doing you can make a donation at my Just Giving Page Here.

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